7 Online Shopping Tricks and hacks for Scoring Huge Discounts


1.Outwit Dynamic Pricing

This is a sneaky trick that most sellers do. Dynamic pricing shows different pricing depending on the location and the spending pattern of the viewer. While this is a tricky move that they do to make more sales, it doesn’t mean that you can’t be tricky as well.”To outwit this, all you have to do is clear your browsing history. Then switch to incognito, log out on all social accounts, choose a localized site than using the US version, and for getting great airfare deals, go to less developed countries when buying a ticket. ” says Michael Johnson, founder of a daily deals and coupons website GoMontana.

2.Be Mindful of Your Shopping Date

It’s easy to get lost in thought while you’re scrolling through items online and end up paying for them. Most of us do this when we’re not busy like during the weekends, but this is a wrong move to be cashing out on the weekend. 

Instead, do it on a Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday as most online stores give discounts during such times. For airfare tickets, Sundays are great to score low-priced tickets. You can also observe your favorite online shop, and see when they’ll have a discount and coupons. In no time, you’ll see a pattern.

3.Utilize Your Coupon Codes Strategically

Say you have multiple coupon codes at the moment. This is a beautiful time to shop. But don’t forget to use these lovely coupons strategically. 

This means digesting what they offer and applying them in your shopping. For example, if you have a 20% off discount and a coupon worth 10 USD. Use that 20% discount first so that you can maximize your 10 USD coupon more.  

4.Consider Price-Drop Refunds

There are times when we happen to buy an item, and the next day, it’s initial price drops to half! This is real in the world of online shopping, and it can be annoying sometimes. Luckily, you can ask for a price-drop refund to the seller, but only when it’s applicable. 

Some online shops accept this like Amazon, and individual credit cards like Elite MasterCard offer price protection, refunding you the difference if prices drop at specific days. You can call your credit card provider and ask if this service is provided. You’ll find this helpful.

5.Take Smart Reward Programs

There are generous online shops that offer smart reward programs. For instance, you’ll be asked to do a survey, and you’ll be given a bonus afterward.

So, don’t be lazy! Take that survey and earn your reward. There’s a lot of these online, so don’t get tired of looking for one.

6.Bargain Deals

It may sound absurd, but this is not the case. You can bargain with the customer rep online. Of course, we’re not talking about bargaining the price of an item. We’re talking about recently expired coupons that you’ve failed to use. It’s practical if you’re adamant about buying the item.

While it may not always work, there’s still a chance that you can convince the customer rep will allow the bargain. Besides, they probably want to score a deal too. So it’s a win-win situation for both of you. If they don’t allow you, try asking for a different coupon or promo code. If they don’t budge, try again next time. Do note that you shouldn’t be too pushy or rude, or else you’ll miss your chance of scoring a deal.

7.Compare Item Prices

This is a simple trick that most of us are too lazy to do. Comparing item prices is a crucial step when you want to get the best deals. Fortunately, there are so many apps or software online that will make a comparison for you. You can try PriceBlink, Honey or the Pricegrabber app to check out item prices. Also, some of these apps will provide info about available coupons and scan for bottom-line prices. These already include the shipping fees and taxes too, so comparing rates is even more convenient. 

These are just some of the simplest yet most effective methods to score amazing deals online. Apply these while shopping, and you’ll see a vast difference compared to when you’re just shopping mindlessly online. Give these tips and tricks a try, and you’ll save a lot in no time, especially this holiday season. 

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